Sina Bigdeli

No one enjoys a long about-me essay, So here is a short summary of some facts about me:

I laugh at my own jokes. I wanted to learn a new life-skill, so I learned how to juggle. I enjoy photography as much as I enjoy eating food... that says a lot about both pastimes. I've traveled to 40-some-odd number of countries and made it a mission for myself to make a minimum of one friend in each country. My sister got married and instead of having a stern "if you ever hurt my sister" talk with her new husband, I had a "if you ever hurt your husband..." chat with my sister - (he is a sweetheart and she is ...well... my sister. You know what I mean if you have a sister). Chocolate is not my weakness, it's my kryptonite. I can NOT surf to save my life. 

Send me a message or email me at SinaBigdeliFilms@gmail.com . I do get excited when I get emails that are not adverts or bed-bath-and-beyond 20% off coupons.